About Us


We all know that playing sports - especially at a higher level - is expensive. From new kit and additional training programmes, to paying for local and international tours. So many times, we come across talented kids that can’t follow their dream and reach their full potential, because they can’t afford it. Enter Select Sport Talent.

Where it all began

After helping to find talent for a 2019 commercial, we realised the potential that productions have in changing these young athlete’s lives. Three of the players that were featured in that production raised all the money they needed to represent South Africa at the U12 Baseball World Cup in Taiwan. If it wasn’t for this, they may not have been able to.

The concept to build an agency that could help athletes to reach their full potential was born.

Who are we?

An extension of Select Sport Coaching, we focus on the development and success of young athletes – particularly in Baseball and Soccer. Over the years, we’ve noticed that all the kids that truly excel in these two codes have one thing in common – raw, natural athletic ability. Because of this, they tend to excel in every sport they play.

This means that all of our kids are multi-talented athletes, competing and excelling at the highest level in a multitude of sporting codes.